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An inspirational immigrant millionaire and sought-after speaker, Dr. Chau's story as an immigrant who climbed his way to success is truly awe-inspiring -- from having no resources to establishing a profitable corporate housing arbitrage business without owning any properties.

Dr. Chau has helped countless people unlock the secrets of financial and time freedom with his teachings.

Hear first-hand how he achieved this success, and how you can do the same!

How To 3X Your Income & Time Off By Leveraging Corporate Housing Arbitrage

The COrporate housing arbitrage framework

Some believe the only way to earn more income is through more time and effort. They feel it’s not possible to earn more while working less. In his talk, Dr. Chau outlines his process of how he tripled both his income and free time with Airbnb and corporate housing without owning any properties and how others can do the same.

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Founder of Beyond BNB Secrets, Entrepreneur, PharmD/MBA, Speaker, Coach

Dr. Chau Ong

Dr. Chau is a speaker, coach, and the Founder of Beyond BnB Secrets.

Having moved to America as an immigrant with the “American Dream,” he thought having a prestigious degree and a good job would bring financial freedom to him and his family.

After graduating with a doctorate degree in Pharmacy, he found himself trapped under a mountain of school loans. He realized that he was just a glorified corporate slave without financial freedom. He also realized that he had no freedom for family time when he could not even spend time with his ill mother because he needed to be at work.

He was determined to fight for his financial freedom no matter what it took. After many failed businesses, he finally cracked the code with corporate housing arbitrage. He was able to retire as a pharmacist in his early thirties by having more than 30 Airbnb and corporate housing rentals, which quadrupled what he used to make as a pharmacist. Along with the financial freedom it brought him, he now only works a few hours per week!

Now, he is on a mission to help others leverage corporate housing arbitrage to generate semi-passive income and achieve financial freedom.

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