Winning with Location in Mid-Term Rental Arbitrage: Finding the Best Spots for Your Corporate Rentals, No Property Buying Required

By - Thursday, May 30, 2024

     In the world of mid-term rental arbitrage, location is everything. Finding a spot that is not only desirable, but strategically positioned to attract the right kind of tenants—particularly those looking for corporate rentals—is crucial. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you pinpoint the best locations without the need to buy property.

What Makes a Location Ideal for Mid-Term Rentals?

When scouting for the perfect location for your mid-term rentals, consider these key factors:

    1. Proximity to Key Amenities: Look for locations near hospitals, highways, and hotels—collectively known as the 3H’s. These areas often see high demand from traveling professionals, medical staff, and business travelers.
    2. Nice Suburban Neighborhoods: Suburban areas offer a peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of downtowns. They are appealing to corporate clients looking for a comfortable, home-like atmosphere.

    3. Avoid Downtowns and HOA-Restricted Areas: Downtowns can be expensive and crowded, while HOA restrictions can limit your rental operations. Focus on neighborhoods without these constraints.

Populated and large cities

Large and populous cities are natural magnets for business travelers and professionals. These cities have a steady influx of people needing temporary housing, making them ideal for mid-term rentals.


            Los Angeles, CA: A hub for entertainment, technology, and healthcare.

            Chicago, IL, is known for its diverse economy, including finance, tech, and healthcare.

            Houston, TX: A major center for energy, aerospace, and biomedical research.

    In these cities, look for neighborhoods that are close to major highways, hospitals, and business districts but still offer a suburban feel.

Up-and-Coming Cities

     Up-and-coming cities are experiencing rapid growth and development, often making them hotspots for new businesses and job opportunities. These cities can provide a balance of lower costs and high demand for corporate rentals.


              Nashville, TN: Rapidly growing in the healthcare and music industries.

              Austin, TX: A tech hub with a burgeoning startup scene.

              Raleigh, NC, is known for its research and development in technology and biotech.

    In these cities, seek out areas undergoing revitalization or new developments, as they can offer great opportunities for mid-term rental arbitrage.

Cities in transition

    Cities in transition are those that are transforming due to economic changes, infrastructure developments, or significant urban planning efforts. These locations can be gold mines for rental arbitrage, as they often see an increase in temporary residents.


              Detroit, MI: Detroit, MI is undergoing significant redevelopment and attracting new businesses.

               Pittsburgh, PA: Pittsburgh is transitioning from an industrial economy to a tech and healthcare.

               Cleveland, OH: experiencing a resurgence in the healthcare and education sectors.

    Focus on neighborhoods that are part of the city’s transformation but still maintain a suburban charm. Areas near new business parks, hospitals, and improved transportation links are particularly promising.


    In mid-term rental arbitrage, winning with location requires a strategic approach. By targeting populated and large cities, up-and-coming cities, and cities in transition, you can tap into markets with high demand for corporate rentals. Always prioritize proximity to hospitals, highways, and hotels, and favor nice suburban neighborhoods over downtowns and HOA-restricted areas. With the right location, your mid-term rental business can thrive without the need for property ownership.




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